About Us

Wine, beer and cocktail related items is exactly what we are about!

Our Always A Happy Hour website is operated under a Virginia based company, Absolute Solutions LLC. In 2010 we opened our gift and party store in Williamsburg, shortly after that we launched our first retail website.

The concept of Always A Happy Hour was to provide those of us who love to indulge in a good libation, some fun and unique items to entertain with or to buy a great gift for a friend who does.

We have equipped our shelves with a load of custom painted wine glasses, bottle stoppers, novelty coasters, napkins and magnets. We have so much more to offer you will just have to stop by our shop to see us!

For the past six years we have also been participating in Wine Festivals in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We carry all of our wine related items to these festivals and set up a booth to sell our products. We have been told by many that they love…our party supplies and how much fun they have with us. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see where we will be next!

Absolut Solutions LLC is based in Williamsburg, we currently do not have a retail location but you can find us on the internet and at Wine Festivals throught out the states of VA, MD, NC, & PA.

Everyone here at Always A Happy Hour has a wealth of experience in customer service, and we all would love to earn your business. We will do everything we can to make sure that your shopping experience is the best!

Meet “Cozmo”
Cozmo (Nancy) is the owner and the one who came up with this whole party idea. Her main job is to find all the cool products that we have to offer. She also organizes and sets up our entire inventory and does all the other stuff like accounting and ordering. She is also responsible for finding and applying for all of the wine festivals we participate in.

Meet Jeff
Jeff is often referred to as the “Pack Mule”! He does whatever Cozmo needs. At the Festivals he’s the one who packs and unpacks all the products, I guess you can call him the setup and tear down man.

Meet Jamie
Jamie is the one who holds down the fort while we are out playing at the Wine Festivals. She can also be found answering phones, packing orders, and making sure everything is where it is supposed to be (when it is supposed to be there).